Derek Smith                                     Provincial Coach
Derek began his skating career right here at the Loyalist Skating Club in 1974 and began coaching in 1990 after a competitive career in both Novice Pairs and Junior Dance.  He has Triple Gold test status as well as Novice Competitive Pairs and Senior Competitive Dance.  Derek spent 12 years travelling around the region partnering dance tests as well as coaching competitive skaters.  Derek is always looking to help the skater reach their potential as well maintaining the fun and enthusiasm of the sport.  Derek works full time at his business – ABA Skate and Dance.  

Alexandra Wright                               Regional Coach
Alex began coaching in 2017 at the age of 16 after retiring from a nine-year competitive skating career. In her skating career, she trained part-time in Ottawa and trained up to the Novice competitive level. She placed 5th at the Skate Ontario Provincial Championships at the Pre-Juvenile level, and competed at EO Sectionals several times. She has Skate Canada Quadruple Gold Test status, and is a Skate Canada Technical Official. Alex's specialty is FreeSkate and Choreography, and encourages her skaters to strive for quality and excellence while having fun.   She takes interest in personal fitness and weight training and is always looking to help skaters reach their potential by attending workshops and seminars to maximize her coaching abilities.  Alex is a currently a full time student at Queen's University in the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies and has aspirations of becoming a physician. 

Lindsey Bilow                                       Regional Coach

Lindsey has been coaching at LSC for 6 years. She grew up skating at LSC and is so passionate about the sport that she continues to train as as part of Skate Canada's Skate for Life program as an adult. Lindsey loves to have a good time on the ice and shares her joy with her students, fellow skaters and coaching colleagues. 


Stephanie Spencer                             Regional Coach

Stephanie has been coaching since 1996, and began coaching here at LSC in 1999. Last year she celebrated her 20th year as an LSC coach. She has attended several workshops and coaching seminars sanctioned by Skate Canada to keep up-to-date on changing program requirements. Stephanie runs a full time at a daycare and shows a passion for working with children both on and off the ice. Stephanie's biggest goal in coaching is to always push her skaters to reach their goals and maximize their potential, as well as strive for their best personal results at competitions. Stephanie is always encouraging her skaters to compete and set new goals for each season and competition, all while ensuring skating is a positive and fun environment for the skaters. 


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